Wednesday 19 September 2012

A new variety coming to the nursery - if it grows!

Some formal info for you!

Cyathea Australi

This is a tree fern native to Australia.  It's also known as the Rough Tree Fern. It grows in moist shady forest, and hopefully soon in the East Sussex countryside!

It has a stem covered with frond scars, and a mass of wiry roots at the base. 

It can grow up to 12 m tall, and may reach 4 m in length, better tell the neighbours! It has a distinctive crown that is dark green above and lighter green below, should look great.

September Update

Sorry that I've been neglecting my blog a bit... like most, I've been manic over the summer, with show after show.

I hope you've followed our facebook and tweets - where we've been and what we've won.

The last big one was at RHS Wisley, which was great with fab weather. I think you will agree our stand was looking particularly wonderful.

 We also got on the radio, check this out... sorry about the Chest Comment... but you know me!!

The lack of bees really have been a problem this year. Check out my interview for some tips of plants to grow.  Please help them as I love my food, and no bees no food.

Right from now on I'm going to stop being clever like Stephen Fry and do more factual tweets and blog posts!

I'm looking forward to 3 new varieties for 2013, cyathea_australis, cheilanthus_lanosa, cyrtomium_falcetum - and will removing 2 varieties heuchera snowstorm (because it is rubbish at growing) adansonia greggorii (unlike the others, again poor growth).

More to follow!