Wednesday 27 June 2012

Hampton Court Flower Show

What can I say but I'm really chuffed - we've been invited to exhibit at Hampton Court Flower Show - in the floral marquee - FM71.

Time is short, but I find I work best under pressure!?!?! 

The show runs from 3-8 July - pop along and see the display I've been planning!.. this time let's make it a silver!

Monday 25 June 2012

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Saliva Apiana
also known as white sage, bee sage & sacred sage

This evergreen perennial shrub with its silvery light foliage, long leaves and delicate white flowers is heaven for bumble bees!  It'll grow to a height of around 4 feet over time and has a wonderful aroma (its leaves are often used for incense)

Originating in southwest USA, it's popular with wildlife... and is also known to attract humming birds - not sure you'll find many of them over here, but it would be good to help the bees out (they also pollinate it)!

One thing to watch... as the stems are hollow, be careful where you plant it, as they can snap easily. 

Monday 18 June 2012

Tiarella Wherryi

also known as the 'foam flower'

This hardy perennial orginated from Central & East USA, but thrives here in part shade and moist soil.  Plant it and it will not only form clumps but also self seed.  Even though it's quite slow growing, it's perfect for ground cover in shady places - requiring little intervention on your part!

It grows to a height of 8" and will spread to 12" and beyond. producing beautiful frond like white flowers from late Spring to early Summer.

Why not order yours now

Monday 11 June 2012

King Protea - in bud...

Just lent this to the RSPB for their migratory birds and landscapes display on South African plants.

It's the largest flowering protea, also known as unsuprisingly enough... Giant Protea!  Also goes by the name of King Sugarbush.  Will upload an image when it comes into flower!

Everything's blooming - new pics!

Just uploaded some new photos of the nursery - clivia miniata, baby sun rose, allium, blue eyed grass, cornflower centaurea montana, painted daisy, penstemon erianthus, polygala x dalmaisiana, pratia pendunculata county park, rubus cockburnianus... all coming into flower - you can view it in our facebook gallery...

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Our whereabouts in June

Another busy month ahead... if you are out and about you will be able to see us at:

2nd to 5th - Detling Plant Show
13th to 17th - BBC Gardeners World
24th - Rare Plant Fair 

But remember you can also find us at our nursery just outside of Wadhurst (East Sussex), just pop in...  or can had order our plants online... click here.

End of May... bring on June

Finally, we just got a platinum medal at the Kent Garden show, top marks for the first time ever. Maximum prize money, oh yes.

Well the hot weather has finished finish (for the mo), it has cooked alive some baby plants (agaves if you would) but many jungle plants have germinated 

And a a cultivational note, new plants and varieties (dudleya protea etc) are kicking in, even the delonix are showing their faces.

We showed our faces at the Lullingstone, which went well, and Finchcocks, which wasn't so much of a success for us.