Wednesday, 22 August 2012

For the first time ever, one daviesia pectinata and daviesia cordata put aside for RHS display plants.

daviesia pectinata - Thorny Bitter-pea
This shrub is native to Australia, so it's great that it's growing in my nursery in East Sussex. It will be red and orange when in bloom, hopefully growing to about 120cm in height. As it grows it will develop spines or sharp edges

As it is at the moment (just a baby)


daviesia cordata - also known as Bookleaf
Native to West Australia this will be a small woody shrub with large, bluish-green leaves, it will have orange-yellow to purplish-red flowers... but at the moment looks like this...

 I can't wait to see how these two progress and will keep you posted with new pics!!

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