Saturday, 14 April 2012

Erythrinas, Adansonias and other Caudiforms/dry winter tropicals

Right as promised
How to overwinter Erythrinas, Adansonias and other caudiforms/dry winter tropicals. I will publish a definitive list (well ones that I've tried and succeeded with) "promise".

Very simple easy and best of all saves precious greenhouse space!!!

Basically pull the plant out of its pot in early October, bash the loose roots off and leave to fall, or cut off its leaves, place it in an open box and store somewhere fairly light, very dry and cool (top of a cupboard in the spare room for example). Early March, re-pot, water and add heat and hey presto instant jungle plant.

It may need a bit of pruning back to the live bits but essentially this will allow us poor British people to at least have some decent sized tropical patio plants without busting the budget.

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